Image of FARSIGHT Core Set

PLEASE NOTE: There may be a delay for orders to the US.

The revolutionary new wargame from Jamie Jolly is now available for pre-order! Command a vast army of mechs, infantry, artillery and specialists to conquer both the battlefield and the shadows, and claim victory for your corporate sponsors.

Find out more about the game via our Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/315276384/farsight-corporate-warfare-in-a-dark-future

2 x Double-Sided Map Boards
4 x Reference Boards/Shadow Maps
2 x Drywipe Pens
19 x Round Tokens
24 x Base Tokens
40 x Casualty Tokens
2 x Co-Ordinate Dice
20 x Custom Dice
26 x Event Cards
80 x Specialist Cards
136 x Unit Tiles
36 x Terrain Cards


  • Core Set - 378


Image of FARSIGHT Core Set