Downsize: Boardroom Edition

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The hit card game of running a company - into the ground!

In Downsize, each player commands cut-throat corporation, firing Employees in various combinations to carry out actions.

During the game you'll try to make smart investments, and sabotage rivals - all whilst keeping a close eye on the Returns deck, which, when it runs out, leads to an inevitable Market Crash and the end of the game!

Try and keep your company light and nimble, and - if you think you've got enough cash to win - fire your last employees and "downsize," protecting yourself from other players' actions.

With each copy taking up to 1-6 players (you can also combine two copies to go up to 12 players) Downsize is a light and fast game of cut-throat strategy which can be played in 10-20 minutes.

Contains 111 Cards & Rulebook

Ages: 8 and up.

Players: 1-6 per copy

Play Time: 10-20 Minutes


Image of Downsize: Boardroom Edition Image of Downsize: Boardroom Edition